Having your stone patio sealed

Now that you’ve made the investment in a stone patio, you will need to take at least minimal care. Arguably the best way to do this is to have it sealed. Sealing was developed protect the patio stones from the elements like snow and sun. It also provides a layer of protection from normal besmirching… Continue reading »

Care of your stone patio

Because the investment in a stone patio is so great and long term, you will want to know how to take proper care of it. Here are a few things you can do: Have  your patio sealed. It will protect it from the elements, and it will also be a lot easier to clean When… Continue reading »

Cooking over a fire pit

Fire pits are sometimes thought of as the outdoor fireplace’s little brother. To an extent this is true, but there are things that make the fire pit experience unique. One of the best ways is to think of your fire pit as an a campfire. You can sit around and tell stories, and the like…. Continue reading »

The latest in outdoor fireplaces

We’ve reached the point where fireplaces are de rigeur in upper scale homes. People simply love the look and the (literal) warmth they give off. More recently there has been a movement to port that warmth to the outside in the form of outdoor fireplaces. It’s really all a part of the outdoor living movement… Continue reading »

Thick stone veneers vs thin stone veneers

If you are thinking about a stone veneer on your home or chimney exterior, deciding on whether to use manufactured stone or real stone for their veneers is an important one. But we must first know what the difference is. Simply put, real stone comes from a quarry, whereas manufactured stone is primarily cement, which… Continue reading »

Water gardens for your patio

A water garden is a place on your patio that is used specially for the display of aquatic plants. A generic water gardens are pretty easy to set up, but you need to decide whether you want clear water or if you will be satisfied with a murky one. Clear water ponds will require a… Continue reading »

Mildew on stone patios

If you live in a humid are, you will often find that you stone patio will get mildewy. Sometimes this is caused by improper draining, or if there is inadequate airing of the stones, as in the case of a patio that is surrounded by vegetation. Fortunately there are ways to combat this scourge. There… Continue reading »