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Fire pit placement

If you are thinking about building a fire pit, you will need to decide where it will go. It sounds simple, but many people learn the hard way that you just can’t put them anywhere. You will naturally want to make sure that the fire pit is clear of anything that can catch on fire… Continue reading »

Cleaning a stone patio

Stone patios look great and they hold up outside well, but they sometimes need to be cleaned.* Here are a few tips to help you out: The first thing you should do is clear the patio of everything that doesn’t move. This will include furniture, flower pots, lighting fixtures etc. Next sweep the patio and… Continue reading »

Outdoor fireplace maintenance

There are tons of choices out there for outdoor fireplaces, but they all need to be cared for. Each category has its own needs Chimineas are the pot bellied stand-alone fireplaces that are both inexpensive and convenient. Chimineas do not need a lot of maintenance, but they are delicate and can be broken easily. If… Continue reading »

Sinking stone patios

Sometimes a stone patio can be laid on a piece of ground that is not firm enough or does not get adequate drainage. At other times the stones are not laid with adequate foundation and over the course of Kansas City winters and spring thaws, the ground becomes unstable. When this happens you will experience… Continue reading »

Stone patio vs wood deck patio

Lots of people are looking to expand their outdoor living spaces, and there comes a time when they will have to decide on a wooden deck style or a stone/concrete patio. First lets look at the wooden patio deck. Most decks are made from pressure treated wood, so you can be assured that they will… Continue reading »

The rise of outdoor living

Since the economy has been a slump, not so many people are “moving up the ladder” by buying a new home. The economy in improving, and people have more money to invest, but much of the time they don’t have enough for the big move. Instead, many people are becoming a part of the outdoor… Continue reading »