Cooking over a fire pit

By   June 9, 2013

Fire pits are sometimes thought of as the outdoor fireplace’s little brother. To an extent this is true, but there are things that make the fire pit experience unique. One of the best ways is to think of your fire pit as an a campfire. You can sit around and tell stories, and the like. You can even cook if you want to, and it’s not just roasting marshmallows. All you need is a grill from your normal grill and you’re in business.

  • Hotdogs seem like the obvious choice, but we can do better. Let’s wrap them in bacon.
  • Corn on the cob is another perennial favorite. If you take a burlap bag, wet it down, and throw it over the corn, it will cook faster.
  • Take some potatoes but rub some oil or butter onto them, then wrap them in foil and throw them on the coals.
  • Chick on the fire pit is great too. We find that boned chicken breast work best. Anything that is flattened is a candidate for cooking over the fire pit.
  • Some people add mesquite sticks for the extra flavor.
  • You might also try apples, tomatoes, onions etc. We’ve even heard of toasting bread over a fire pit.

As you can see the fire pit is more than a outdoor kitchen. If you’re willing to get creative, there is not telling what you’ll come up with.