Fire pit placement

By   April 26, 2013

If you are thinking about building a fire pit, you will need to decide where it will go. It sounds simple, but many people learn the hard way that you just can’t put them anywhere.

You will naturally want to make sure that the fire pit is clear of anything that can catch on fire or block the smoke. This is intuitive if you are thinking about safety. Next think about what it will be like with people around the fire pit. What will they see? If you live in a scenic area, you will want to make sure that when people stand around the fire pit, that they can get the best view. This means not putting your fire pit behind and obstructions like the house or trees.

But there is another thing that is important is the path of prevailing winds. Sometimes you may have the great view, but the winds go in the opposite direction, and the means smoke blowing back on you and your guests. Naturally, you don’t have complete control over the wind, but knowing where it usually blows will help  you make the decision on where to place your fire pit.