Outdoor blinds and Outdoor living

By   June 6, 2013

Houses are getting smaller and smaller experts tell us. So that means people are taking the situation into their own hands and expending outward and outside. It’s a movement we call the outdoor living movement. When most people think of outdoor living they think of masonry, outdoor kitchens and stone patios, but there is more to it than that.

Some people are looking into outdoor blinds to add a little something to their outdoor living experience. Outdoor blinds are essentially blinds that hang from the top of your outdoor patio shelter. They provide two things: they keep the sun and elements off of your party, and they make the stone patio look and feel more like a room in a house. They are different than a porch in that a porch is designed and built to be enclosed, and when you are on a porch, you feel as though you are in a room. Some people are looking for something a little more “outdoorsy” and find that outdoor blinds can offer more of the outdoors of an open patio and less of a room feel while keeping out the worst of nature.

Outdoor blinds come in a variety of styles. Some are like awnings, others are like canvas blinds, while others are simply sunscreens. No matter what your tastes, you are surely to find something that will go with your stone patio.