Stone Patio ideas

By   March 11, 2013

Building a new stone patio opens up a vast array of ideas and options for the creative homeowner, in fact, there are as many things to consider for an outdoor room as there are with an indoor room. You will need to think about heating during the cool months, what types of materials to use, and what materials are available. Most importantly, you will need to think about how your patio can be integrated with the rest of the yard and the environment.

The natural earth tones of stone are easily integrated into just about any outdoor environment. Many people go with one color, but in reality you may match colors and create your own look. And it’s not just the floor you need to think about. What will you do for planters, and other landscaping matters? There are crawling vines, plant beds and other vegetation that blend in nicely with stone.

Furniture on your stone patio is another important consideration. There are many fabrics available today that can resist mildew and fading, if you are thinking about padded furniture. But you might just consider some lovely wrought iron furniture. Wrought iron chairs can lend a certain sophistication to a normal stone patio. Finally there is built in furniture, which is, well, built into the patio walls.

Most places in the United States get just a little cold at some time in the year, which means you will have to think about heating. Inexpensive solutions call for heating lamps, but you might spring for an fire pit, which is the next best thing to a camp fire, and finally there is the highest end product, they outdoor fireplace.

The thing to remember is that the stone patio is a sort of transition area from the interior of you home to the outdoors. The materials are so numerous, that there is something out there for everyone.