Stone patio vs wood deck patio

By   March 31, 2013

Lots of people are looking to expand their outdoor living spaces, and there comes a time when they will have to decide on a wooden deck style or a stone/concrete patio.

First lets look at the wooden patio deck. Most decks are made from pressure treated wood, so you can be assured that they will not rot in any short time. Wood is a naturally warm and natural material to make a deck out of, and most people who have them like them. Wood decks also have the advantage of being easy to build and they are inexpensive. That said, you will have to make sure that the deck is stained every couple of years to prevent it from rotting out. Another problem with wood decks is that they are prone to discoloration, and once that happens it is difficult if not impossible to restore to the original condition.

Stone patios share the quality of naturalness that wood has. Stone patios are more expensive as you might expect, but they enhance the value of the home considerably. The best thing about stone is that it is indestructible. Sometimes stone can crack over the course of years, but it is uncommon and very easy to replace, which is not the case for wood. In either event, there are sealants available if you would like the extra protection. Discoloration is not an issue because the earthy tones of stone naturally mask or repel discoloration.

For expense, go with the wood patio, for beauty and durability,  go with stone.