The latest in outdoor fireplaces

By   June 3, 2013

We’ve reached the point where fireplaces are de rigeur in upper scale homes. People simply love the look and the (literal) warmth they give off. More recently there has been a movement to port that warmth to the outside in the form of outdoor fireplaces. It’s really all a part of the outdoor living movement that has been spreading for the past 15 years or so. People are beginning to think of their stone patio as a room unto itself.

One of the challenges has been to make these outdoor fireplaces as efficient as possible. Chimney caps, which are normally used to keep sparks from flying upward, can also hold the heat down to the ground. Caps cover the whole chimney and not just the flue. They come in a variety of materials so there is certain to be something ou will like. Another innovation is heat circulators, which can more efficiently make use of the heat the fireplace gives off and redirects it to your outdoor living room.

Most people think of houses when they think of outdoor fireplaces, but they have also found a niche in commercial settings. Some outdoor markets have incorporated then into their design and even offering seating especially designed to accommodate those who want to “warm themselves” by the fire. The commercial benefit of the outdoor fireplaces in this setting is that you can extend the outdoor selling season longer.