Thick stone veneers vs thin stone veneers

By   May 31, 2013

If you are thinking about a stone veneer on your home or chimney exterior, deciding on whether to use manufactured stone or real stone for their veneers is an important one. But we must first know what the difference is. Simply put, real stone comes from a quarry, whereas manufactured stone is primarily cement, which gives it the texture and “heft” of real stone. When you use real stone, the stones are stacked and the bear their own weight. With manufactured stone, the wall bears the weight.

Let us face facts, almost all the stone you see in homes and businesses is veneer. Real stone is great to work with, but most people don’t build homes that need it. If you need authenticity for bragging rights, then go ahead and use real stone. Fact of the matter is that stone veneers have become extraordinarily sophisticated in the last few decades, to the extent that you have to be an expert to tell the difference.

So the only real choice to be made is between thick veneer and thin veneer. There are two main factors which are not complementary. Thin stone veneers do not “stick out” as much as thick veneer stone. This will be more of a problem in interiors, unless your interior spaces are huge. You may not think it’s that big a difference, but you do need to think about space when getting a stone veneer. Thick stone veneer should always be used for exteriors because it adds dimension when viewed from a distance.