Things to think about when designing an outdoor kitchen

By   June 30, 2013

Having a meal outside is an entirely different experience than having one indoors. And when you’re having an outdoor kitchen built, you need to make sure you plan ahead and get what you want and what you need, because outdoor kitchens are a long term investment and changing things after the fact will be costly.

The first thing you will need to do is make sure you have allocated enough space for your outdoor kitchen. Look at the kitchen you have and decide if it’s big enough. Often people are fooled when planning outdoors because they imagine they are allocating more space than they actually are, and when the project is finished they realize that they had underestimated.

How well equipped will your kitchen be? The sky is the limit here. You can spend just about as much as you’d like. An outdoor refrigerator? Stainless steel all the way around? What kind of stove, gas, electric, propane? How about an oven? How much cabinet space will you need? If you plan on being outdoors a lot of time during the summer, you should think big so you can hedge your bets.