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Cooking over a fire pit

Fire pits are sometimes thought of as the outdoor fireplace’s little brother. To an extent this is true, but there are things that make the fire pit experience unique. One of the best ways is to think of your fire pit as an a campfire. You can sit around and tell stories, and the like…. Continue reading »

Fire pit placement

If you are thinking about building a fire pit, you will need to decide where it will go. It sounds simple, but many people learn the hard way that you just can’t put them anywhere. You will naturally want to make sure that the fire pit is clear of anything that can catch on fire… Continue reading »

Natural gas fire pits

In the last installment we discussed the differences between wood burning fire pits and propane fire pits.  This time we will talk about natural gas fire pits. In reality the true choice will not be between wood burning over propane but natural gas over propane. Performance wise they are mostly identical There are two factors… Continue reading »